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original oil painting by Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo or a daning godess in the caribbean.

In this serene rendition within the series, the exploration of love takes a tranquil turn against a soft blue background. Delicate ivy plants cascade through the canvas, creating a gentle, natural frame. The two lovers, positioned as the centerpiece, blend seamlessly with their surroundings, embodying a sense of calm and unity.

Departing from bold contrasts, this piece embraces subtlety, allowing the lovers to harmonize with the environment. The dream-inspired narrative unfolds in a peaceful atmosphere, emphasizing the connection between the figures as they become an integral part of the tranquil, ivy-adorned scene. This artwork invites viewers to appreciate the quieter, more nuanced aspects of love, where the presence of the lovers is woven delicately into the fabric of their surroundings.

20 x 20 inches; Oil on canvas

The Love Series

Love 10


In a private collection

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