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Embrace Your Inner Beauty

Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo is an artist whose work is deeply inspired by impressionism and the celebration of divine feminine energy. Each piece she creates is a journey into the heart of beauty and alignment, designed to inspire viewers to step into their highest selves and connect with their most inner beauty. Her art blends the ethereal qualities of impressionism with a profound connection to the divine feminine, creating captivating pieces that transcend the canvas and touch the soul.

Christina's unique vision invites collectors to bring this transformative energy into their own spaces. Her art is not just a visual experience but a source of inspiration and empowerment. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of Christina's enchanting world and elevate your surroundings with her timeless, soul-stirring creations.

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Benefits include:

  • First looks at new work

  • VIP bonuses included with painting purchases

  • Reminders about divine alignment and living in feminine energy

  • Exclusive invites to private virtual and in-person art showings and events

  • Personalized art consultations and recommendations

  • Early access to limited edition prints and special releases

  • Access to behind-the-scenes content and artist updates

  • A dedicated newsletter featuring insights into Christina's creative process and inspirations

  • Opportunities to participate in special projects or collaborations

The Collectors Circle

Join our exclusive community and step into the divine feminine energy that inspires each brushstroke.


GODDESS OF THE WATER | 48 X 64 inches | Oil paint on canvas


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