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From the book Inward
by Yung Pueblo

Explore the transformative journey of inner clarity through this series inspired by the profound words of Yung Pueblo from the book 'Inward.' Each piece embodies the essence of introspection and growth, depicting the tumultuous yet enlightening process of finding clarity amidst internal storms.

In hues of serene blue and tranquil grey, with bursts of vibrant orange and delicate pink, these paintings evoke a sense of calm amidst chaos. Abstracted flowers and loosely sketched figures dance across the paper, symbolizing the delicate balance between turmoil and tranquility.

With each brushstroke, artist Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo captures the raw emotion and introspective depth of the human experience. 'Clarity' invites viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, reminding us that sometimes, amidst the greatest internal storms, lies the path to deeper mental clarity.

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