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A impressionistic painting of a woman in a seated side stretch; lots of texture.

Spring is here

Welcome to the home of Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo. This month, she is republishing a series from 2020 called Yogis in the Caribbean.

This is a series of 10 oil paintings all about nature and the human figure. As we embark on the journey of revisiting her creative endeavors from the past four years, each stroke and hue in the Yogis of the Caribbean Series invites you to explore the nuanced expressions of nature and the human figure, and how the two are intertwined. Immerse yourself in the artistry as Lewis unveils the profound stories within each canvas, capturing the energy of the figures in their many expressions.

a framed painting of a woman in a yoga pose surrounded by flowers and light colors; a plant is on the wooden dresser.

In a private collection


a surrealistic painting of a woman doing a yoga pose enveloped by flowers.

A YOGI AND SOME FLOWERS 2 | 16 x 12 in | oil paint on canvas

A fancy neutral bedroom with a framed expressionistic painting of a yogi and some crystals

BOUND DANCERS POSE IN THE CARIBBEAN | 20 X 16 in | oil paint on canvas

Expressionistic painting of a yogi and some crystals

ARM BALANCE | 24 X 18 inches | oil paint on canvas paper

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