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original oil painting by Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo or a daning godess in the caribbean.

In this piece of the series, the theme of love takes on a new dimension as it unfolds amidst the lush ambiance of a rainforest. A silver-toned canvas adorned with shades of blues and neutral tones, the viewer is invited to peer through the foliage, revealing the intimate connection between two individuals.
The dream-inspired narrative of love, capturing the essence of two people seamlessly fitting together, akin to puzzle pieces. Departing from the usual realism, the focus is on simplicity, with intentionally restrained detailing. The rainforest foreground introduces a sense of mystery and enchantment, creating a visual metaphor for the complexity and depth of love. As the viewer glimpses through the vibrant foliage, the emotional resonance of the artwork is enhanced, offering a unique perspective on the profound connection between the two figures in this series.

16 x 20 inches; Oil on canvas

The Love Series

Love 4


In a private collection

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