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original oil painting by Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo or a daning godess in the caribbean.

In this iteration of the series, the exploration of love takes on a fiery and passionate aura. Against the silver and blue-toned backdrop, the two lovers emerge in vivid shades of red, adding intensity to the narrative. The dream-inspired theme remains, as the depiction unfolds amidst the lush rainforest.
The lovers, symbolizing unity and connection, are now vibrant and passionate in their fiery red hues. The restrained detailing and focus on simplicity persist, allowing the emotional resonance to take center stage. The rainforest setting adds a layer of mystique, and as the viewer peers through the foliage, the profound connection between the red-clad lovers becomes even more striking. This piece is a visual exploration of the complexities of love, where the color palette serves as a dynamic expression of the intensity and warmth that passion can bring to a connection.

10 x 8 inches; Oil on canvas

The Love Series

Love 6


In a private collection

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