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original oil painting by Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo or a daning godess in the caribbean.

In this variation of the series, love takes on a softer, more delicate tone with a palette dominated by pink hues and light browns. Against the silver backdrop, the dream-inspired exploration of love continues, now bathed in a gentle warmth that permeates the artwork.

The depiction unfolds within the lush rainforest setting, where two figures symbolizing unity and connection are rendered in hues of pink and light brown. Departing from intricate detailing, the focus remains on simplicity, allowing the soft palette to convey the tender emotions evoked by the scene.

This piece offers a gentle exploration of love, encouraging contemplation and reflection on the profound connection between the depicted figures amidst the tranquil beauty of their surroundings.

20 x 16 inches; Oil on canvas

The Love Series

Love 7


In a private collection

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