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Dancing Goddess

"Dancing Goddess" is from the Goddess Series exploring the golden shadow and shakti energy. The painting captures a soul in complete alignment with her purpose, emanating a radiant golden glow. Her poised form and graceful movements reflect her deep connection to the cosmic rhythm, symbolizing the harmonious dance between individual purpose and universal energy. Set against a backdrop inspired by Caribbean flora, the artwork infuses the scene with the region's vibrant life force, reinforcing the interconnectedness of existence. As observers engage with the artwork, they're prompted to reflect on their own journeys, embracing their unique radiance and awakening their latent shakti energy. "Dancing Goddess" serves as a visual catalyst, inviting viewers to join the cosmic dance of self-discovery and purposeful existence.


Dancing Goddess

Goddess Series

24 x 18 inches. Oil paint on canvas.

In a Private Collection

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